Dark side of Natural Lawns

Natural grass is bright and beautiful – an invitingly lush, emerald asset. But there is a dark side to natural grass – all the elements that make it not-so-prime and not much of an asset, no matter how much attention you give it.

The problem with natural grass is that it’s needy. It needs water lots of water to grow, fertilizer to thrive, pesticides to protect it, and weed killers or a lot of manual weed-pulling.

You could use organic products, but you’re still adding chemicals on natural grass time and time again. Whatever you use, most of it does nothing for grass, instead running off down the street and into storm drains to contaminate both surface and groundwater. And the water required to keep natural lawns alive? That’s a precious and increasingly scarce life necessity that is truly wasted on ornamental landscaping.

And then there’s the mowing. Nothing throws shade over your weekend plans like the need to mow your grass. Again. And not to throw even more shade over your prowess as a homeowner, but in the vast majority of cases, all this effort and expense rarely produces the invitingly lush you envisioned.